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3. Mai 2020
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23. Dezember 2020
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Siu Nim Tao (English)


Everything begins with the Siu Nim Tao..

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Everything begins with the Siu Nim Tao. The Chinese movement teaches the right fighting techniques and the right posture. Siu Nim Tao brings musculature and mobility in harmony. With it, you pave the way for the perfect fight. This book leads step by step through every movement. Everything is explained to the smallest detail and is demonstrated in pictures: the correct stance, the old techniques and their most important uses.

Geometry and physiology are both main components for the effective martial art. The logic behind Siu Nim Tao has matured over many thousands of years and has been developed in an academic setting. Current biomechanical research and old profundities grant quite new insights into the antique world of the Chinese martial art and we are about to explore them.

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